Planet noevo Jeu en Ligne Gratuits

Jouer Planet noevo Jeu Online

Description du jeu : Stranded on a strange world far from home you must defend yourself and your base as you fend off alien creatures with future laser weapons! Upgrade, search, kill and escape in this challenging R.P.G Tower defense!\r\n\n
Commandes du jeu : WASD - Move.\r\nMouse - Aim and Shoot.\r\nR - Reload.\r\nQ - Show Inventory (pause).\r\nEsc - Pause Game.\r\nSpace bar - Enter Base.\r\n\r\nWhile in the base\r\n\r\nE - Base Upgrades screen (pause).\r\nR - Items factory (pause).\r\nSpace bar - Exit base.\n

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